Julia, your new Host in Ulm

Ulm born Julia Jacob will soon be the first team member in Ulm - here she talks about her exciting life and shares insider tipps

On 01. June we start…in the Dichterviertel in Ulm…and Julia Jacob will be the first colleague on site. As Host she will take care of all guest wishes, ideas and even the smallest matters in the future. She will tell guests how to find their way to their destination by the shortest route, why it makes sense to book a serviced apartment for a longer project in the city and she will share her secret Ulm tips…because Julia is a native of Ulm.

In order to introduce Julia to you in advance, we have thought about a few questions - we hope that we have aroused your interest and are happy if the lines make you want to visit Ulm:

Dear Julia, you've come a long way around the world with your experiences to the hotel industry. What makes it so exciting for you to come back to Ulm?

To be part of the development of a new Serviced Apartment project in my home town is the challenge I would like to take on and to realize it in Ulm.

What makes Ulm so attractive for you? Which secret tips do you have that you would like to share with our guests?

Ulm is a great mix of modernity and tradition, this becomes clear on the market place when you see the Ulm cathedral next to the modern town house, or the municipal library in the shape of a glass pyramid in the middle of the fishermen's quarter. The weekly farmers market in the middle of the cathedral square is also great, where you can find everything from Swabian wobble to pickled olives. My insider tip: Ehinger Schwarz - if you need a present, the jeweller in Ulm is the place to go. Unusual individual pieces and many pieces of jewellery that show the connection to Ulm, in every price category. And don't forget Schwörmontag…

What are you looking forward to most when you are back in Ulm?

Spätzle with sauce… ;-) All joking aside, I think it's great to live close to my family again and to be part of an exciting project that is just starting.